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American Roasters Coffee Company is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to bring premium handcrafted coffee to the table. Our company, based in Seattle, Washington, is a specialty coffee company, and we believe that coffee is more than just a drink; it's a way of life. Our promise is to send the freshest and most delicious coffee to your door. 

No matter if you're just looking for a premium pick-me-up or you want to experience one of our craft specialty or luxury blends which feature an intensely lavish and aromatic smell accompanied by deeply smooth notes that gourmet coffee enthusiasts will love. 

We've got you covered. Our #1 goal is to provide our customers with a superior coffee experience. 

We encourage you to provide us feedback as we are always in search of the perfect cup of coffeAt American Roasters Coffee Company, we believe there is never a wrong time to make the right decision regarding which coffee to choose. Our coffee is meant to be enjoyed by people of all walks of life. This is why all of our coffees are handcrafted to ensure we give our customers the best coffee possible.

We pay homage to our active, retired, & fallen military service members, as well as first responders through our logo design.

The Eagles’s shield which is covered by the American flag denotes the protection of our country.

6 of the roses in the bald eagle’s left talon is a representation of each branch of our military with 1 representing first responders.  

This is our way of paying homage to our active, retired, & fallen military service members as well first responders.

The Motto “FORTIS ET LIBER” which is listed on the banner clutched by the bald eagle beak is Latin which translates “STRONG AND FREE” in English. This signifies the strength and freedom of our nation.

The reef surrounding the eagle represents the long-lasting prosperity of our country.

Lastly, the olive branch denotes our nations pursuit of peace. 

We care about our planet, therefore we are particular about where our coffee is sourced. We use fair trade certified coffee to ensure that the farmer gets paid. Our beans are also 100% traceable and some are bird friendly. 

Additionally, we offer our Tariff-Roast service for coffee shops wanting to scale business to the next level. If interested, we offer a free consultation to answer all of your questions. 

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